The World's Most Unique Coffee

Delivering exclusive coffee bean blends, roasted in the unique Vietnamese way and brewed in the distinctive Vietnamese "phin" filter for an unforgettable coffee drinking experience like no other

250g bag Vietnamese Coffee Co Sua blend
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We love Vietnamese Coffee!

Our love affair with Vietnamese coffee began in 2013 after a stop-off in S.E. Asia on the way to Australia to visit our sister (we're brothers by the way!) Fast forward to 2016 and we both lost our long term jobs within a few months of each other. We then decided it was an opportunity to turn our passion for Vietnamese coffee into a business and in May 2017 opened the doors to our cafe in Belfast - Vietnamese Coffee Co. We're delighted to offer the coffee that our customers enjoy every day in the cafe in our online store so that you too can experience this unique, authentic taste of Vietnam!



Small batch coffee direct from Lam Dong and Dak Lak areas of the Central Highlands in Vietnam. Dak Lak is known for producing the world's highest quality robusta beans


Our coffee is an 80% robusta 20% arabica blend offering a powerful caffeine hit yet balanced with a smooth finish. Notes of cocoa and hazelnut abound with subtle tones of caramel and vanilla


The roasting of our coffee is completed at source by the people who know the beans best - the farmers. This ensures the distinctive Vietnamese flavour comes through in every cup and also means more money is kept in the local economy


Turbo charge your day

Our coffee is made using a blend of robusta and arabica beans resulting in a powerful yet smooth flavour. Perfect for that early morning pick me up or a much needed energy boost before hitting the gym!

Customer Reviews

"Finally a break from the coffee chain banality of today. This is such an original idea and the coffee is outstanding. Be sure to give them a go. You won't be sorry!"
Marty McCrudden
Local Guide
"Excellent coffee, very different to the other offerings out there"
Steven Limmer
"As a drinker of Vietnamese coffee and constantly frustrated and nowhere selling it, I was surprised to find this in Belfast. This coffee was exquisite! I'd definitely recommend trying this to anyone."
Marc Reilly
Local Guide


Create your own authentic Vietnamese coffee experience with our great value pack including both of our coffee blends and a unique Vietnamese "phin" filter