Our Story

Vietnamese Coffee Co owners Martin & Gary Small

So, how come 2 brothers from Northern Ireland end up opening a Vietnamese Coffee shop in Belfast? That’s a question that we get asked almost every day! The answer is a simple one – we love Vietnamese coffee!

Our love affair with Vietnamese coffee began back in 2013 when we visited Vietnam for the first time. Overall we had a fantastic experience but one thing really stuck with us – the amazing taste of Vietnamese coffee.

Pretty soon we were back home and back into our day to day routine but we still pined for those balmy days spent sitting by Hoan Kiem Lake sipping on an ice cold ca phe sua da. Fast forward to 2016 and we were both made redundant from our jobs within a few months of each other. Rather than think of the situation negatively, we thought of it as an opportunity to do something new and different. We kicked around a few ideas but there was really only one contender – to open up our own Vietnamese coffee shop!

We have now been bringing the delights of Vietnamese coffee to Belfast City Centre since May 2017. Our customers love

our specially selected blends which we are delighted to now be able to bring you through our online store.

Peace & Love, V.C.C. Martin & Gary Small[